Buying a new battery due to an existing battery problem? Or don't know what to do with your old battery. Don't throw it away and contribute to further pollution. Galaxy Connect Limited offers you the best and simplest solution - recycle them for free!

All you need to do is drop your old batteries in person at the address given below or drop your old batteries at any of the various collection points near you. There is no other formality, no filling of forms, and no waiting in queue - nothing. It's just a simple drop and go - and FOR FREE!! You can either drop the batteries in person and to the battery recycling facility or you can drop them packed at various battery collection points mentioned in, from where the battery will be sent directly to the recycle station. Do not post the batteries to the address given here.

Old batteries contain lots of chemical substances that cause a lot of damage and pollution to the soil and the environment. Most of the material is non-biodegradable. Further, there are plenty of recyclable materials in the battery. To prevent such hazardous chemical pollution and to re-use the materials, the best way is the recycle the batteries thereby protecting the earth and going greener one step at a time! Do not hesitate to do this simple and no-cost service by which you can contribute to saving the earth from pollution.

Please remember that you need to drop the batteries IN PERSON or AT THE COLLECTION POINTS mentioned in Do not send them by post. This is a FREE service and does not involve any cost.

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Wembley Stadium Industrial Estate
Let's put our hands together to save the Environment

Choosing the right e-liquid for your device

50vg/50pg – for regular vaporiser including pod devices

85vg/15pg – for sub ohm kits

70vg/30pg – for sub ohm kits