Top 7 Beginner-Friendly Vape Tricks You Need to Try

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Interested in simple vape tricks to impress your friends?

If you’re looking to add some fun to your vaping and maybe show off a little, learning a few easy vape tricks is a great start. We’ve put together a guide to teach you the 7 coolest vape tricks that are easy for beginners.

These tricks start with easy ones that you can learn quickly and include some that are a little more challenging but still fun. Doing these tricks is a cool way to enjoy vaping more and show off your skills. We’ll walk you through each trick with easy steps, so you can try them no matter how new you are to vaping.

Practicing these tricks will not only add fun to vaping but also make you the centre of attention at parties. Just keep practising, and before you know it, you’ll be able to do all the tricks like a pro!

Ready to start your journey into the world of vaping tricks? From the basic French Inhale to the always fun O-rings, our guide for beginners will help you learn the simple stuff and prepare you for more tricky moves.

We’ll show you some easy vape tricks that beginners can learn quickly to impress your friends.

  1. The Waterfall
  2. The Tornado
  3. Ghost Inhales
  4. Blowing O’s
  5. The Dragon
  6. French Inhale
  7. The Bane Trick

Let’s start vaping and try out your new skills!

The Waterfall

The Waterfall vape trick is really easy and anyone can give it a go. This trick is about gently letting out vapour onto a flat surface to create a cool, dense cloud that stays on the surface.

Here’s how you do it:

First, take a deep inhale of the vapor and keep it in your mouth for a little while. Then, lean over the surface and slowly breathe out the vapour so it falls onto the surface. You don’t want to blow hard; just let the vapour flow naturally from your mouth.

This trick works best with a high VG e-liquid or a stronger vaping device, like a vape mod or disposable vape, because they make bigger clouds of vapour. But really, any vape device will do.

You can also try this trick by using a bottle or something similar to gently push the vapour onto the surface.

The Tornado

The Tornado trick might sound a bit complicated, but it’s easy—it’s just a step further from the waterfall trick. After letting your vapour rest on a flat surface, lightly use your hand to scoop the vapour up, making it spin like a tornado.

This trick looks awesome and is simple to do, and it’ll wow your friends!

Ghost Inhales

The ghost vape trick is about blowing out a dense cloud of vapour in the shape of a ball and then quickly sucking it back in. It might look hard, but you can get it down with some practice.

Here’s how you do the ghost inhale trick: Take a big puff of vapor but keep it in your mouth, don’t breathe it in yet. Let the vapour sit in your mouth for a bit, then push it out softly using your tongue instead of breathing out. Once the vapour is out, quickly breathe it back in.

Getting good at the ghost trick is helpful because it prepares you for trying out some trickier moves.

Blowing O’s

Mastering the art of blowing O’s (smoke rings) with vapour may be challenging initially, yet with consistent practice, it becomes second nature.

To blow O’s, retain the vapour in your mouth without inhaling, then form your lips into a tight o shape. It’s hard to explain, but you will need to build up pressure in your throat and then push the vapour with a controlled throat pulse.

It may not be easy on your first few attempts, but determination will pay off. After a few successful tries, you’ll find it simpler, and learning this technique is essential for performing more advanced tricks.

For better O’s, you can refine your technique by slightly jutting your jaw forward for extra speed and distance, and by extending your tongue as you release the vapour ring for added backspin and to maintain the rings’ tight formation.

The Dragon

The Dragon trick looks cool because you breathe out vapour from both the sides of your mouth and your nose at the same time, making you look like a dragon. It’s a fun way to impress your friends.

Here’s how to do it: First, take in a big puff and keep it in your mouth. Then, breathe out through your nose while also letting vapor come out from the corners of your mouth.

Make sure to keep the middle part of your lips closed so the vapour only comes out from the sides. It might feel a bit strange at first to breathe out from your mouth and nose together, but with a bit of practice, it gets easier. Keep trying, and you’ll get the hang of it!

French Inhale

The French Inhale looks impressive but is quite easy to do. Here’s how: First, take some vapour into your mouth. Then stick out your bottom lip a little and slowly let the vapor out. Right after that, start breathing in through your nose. If you do it right, the vapour will look like it’s flowing up from your mouth to your nose, and you’ll breathe it in through your nose.

With a bit of practice, you’ll get good at the French Inhale, and it’ll prepare you for learning even more cool tricks

The Bane Trick

The Bane Inhale is an awesome and eye-catching vaping trick that wows people when you get it right.

After you get good at the French Inhale, you can try the Bane Inhale. Start by taking a deep puff and keeping the vapour thick in your mouth.

Then, open your mouth a bit and push your bottom lip out, letting the vapour go up towards your nose, just like in the French Inhale.

The cool part of the Bane Inhale is to then use your teeth. Hold your teeth a bit in the way of the vapour so it has to come out through the spaces between your teeth. This makes a cool pattern that looks like Bane’s mask.


If you’re new to trying out vape tricks, it’s a good idea to use a powerful sub-ohm device along with e-liquid that has a lot of VG (vegetable glycerin) in it. This mix helps make thicker clouds of vapor, which is great for beginners.

We suggest trying e-liquids from our T2-Vape collection, especially the ones with a 70% VG and 30% PG mix. These are good for doing all sorts of vape tricks because they produce just the right amount of vapour.

Using high-quality e-liquids like these will give you the best vapour clouds for learning and doing cool tricks.

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